Thursday, May 25, 2017

Our First Day at the Shuswap Artisan Market

The grand opening of the Shuswap Artisan Market in Sorrento was last weekend.  Dave and I had our first shift at the store on Sunday and was a very enjoyable day.

Rebecca of Uberustic Natural Skin Care was there as well that day and set up her soap making demo and fun selfie photo booth outside.

And this is a display of her handmade natural skin care products that are for sale in the store.

We had a demo set-up that day as well to show how we make a cane and sculpt our signature lady bugs like the ones on these dishes which are now available in the new store.  

We also added a selection of our flip flop necklaces and earrings which are quite popular during the summer season.

With 21 local artists in the shop, there is a wide variety of handcrafted items and fresh new items arriving on a regular basis.  We will be sharing a little bit about the other artists over time but in the meantime, here is a sneak peek of a few of the various items that are for sale there.

Friday, May 12, 2017

New Interchangeable Jewelry at Silhouette Fashion Boutique

We have some new interchangeable necklace designs from our Snap Decisions Collection which are now in our online store and also available at the Silhouette Fashion Boutique in Salmon Arm.   Most of the clothing Silhouette carries are from Canadian designers and makers including Joseph Ripkoff, Frank Lyman and Picadilly.  The selection of items is amazing with something for everyone.

 I was just there this week and took some photos to show off our necklaces with their gorgeous selection of clothing.  If you do not live in our area or cannot make it to the store, I should mention that you can buy all the items they have on their website!

I have linked up the photos on both websites for easier shopping.  Simply click on the photos to see more about each item.

Rhinestone Crystal Necklace
with Chain Tassel

Interchangeable Snap:
Twig Silk Screen in Teal & White

Daisy Fringe Snap Necklace

Interchangeable Snap:
Multi-Floral in Yellow with Lady Bug

Brocade Snap Necklace
with Chain Tassel

Interchangeable Snap:
Spring Posie in Teal

Interchangeable Snap:
Twig Silk Screen in Black & White

Snake Chain Zipper Lariat

Interchangeable Snap:
Stained Glass

Leather Snap Necklace
with Front Magnetic Closure

Interchangeable Snap:
Faux Turquoise

Also check out the video (on our facebook page) Silhouette Fashion Boutique created where a customer is wearing the Brocade Snap Necklace (shown above).

Any of the interchangeable decorative snaps shown in the necklaces are sold separately on our website.  Each one is individually handcrafted from polymer clay and we have a huge selection to choose from.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Our New Shuswap Artisan Market Opening this Weekend

We have some exciting news to share.  We, along with 20 other local artists, will be in a new Artisan Collective Market in Sorrento.  It is located in the building right next to the Lighthouse Market and will be opening this Saturday, May 13 with the grand opening the following May long weekend.

This is Debbie and Rose, the two artists that are responsible for bringing all of us together and making it happen.  They have both been working hard and everything is looking really awesome so far!

We have been busy preparing some new scarf jewelry designs along with other special items to sell there.  All of the artists take turns managing and running the shop and our first shift will be on the Sunday, May 21, of the grand opening.

The Shuswap Lake Culture Crawl is on the same weekend so stop in and see our new shop if you are in the area.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Behind the Scenes

I want to introduce you to Linda, a good friend of ours.  Her husband passed away not too long ago and we got to talking about how we could really use some help as we are always so busy and she was really wanting something to do to take her mind off things.  As it turns out, Linda is a fabulous helper and she loves working with the clay!  She has found (like me) that working with the clay can be therapeutic but of course, so is all the laughing that we do while we are together!

I started introducing her to the clay by teaching her how to condition it and then how to mix up my color recipes.  She loves mixing up all the clay colors so they are ready for me to use and that makes me happy as it can be quite time consuming, especially when we go through so much.

Linda mixing up clay

It is really great having her here and can't wait until she comes over again today and we can play some more!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Weekend in Grand Forks, BC

I didn't have time to post for a while as we were busy preparing for our trip to Grand Forks last weekend.   There are two stores there that sell our work and they have been wanting us to come out and hold some classes so we finally managed to find a weekend where everyone was available.

We held our "Quilt Patterns in Clay" class in the morning for the Heart N'Sole Quilts shop.  Everyone in the class made three quilted designs which were each mounted on a snap so they could wear them after as an interchangeable brooch or necklace.

Sole of the quilted clay pieces created in the class

Catherine of Heart N'Sole Quilts modelling her Quilted Clay Pendant

Heart N'Sole Quilts is located in a really quaint 100+ year old vintage home.  They are in the process of repainting and I love the yellow color!

Catherine of Heart N'Sole Quilts
Besides selling our handcrafted buttons and seam rippers, they also sell our scarf jewelry which we left a new supply of while there.

In the afternoon, we held our "Buttons Make & Take" class for Lynden Tree Yarns.  Everyone was given a block of clay and a huge selection of textures, shape cutters and mica powders to create lots of buttons.  Some made pendants or charms as well and everyone was oooing and aaahing over all the pretty colors that were mixed up and applied to the various designs they created.

This is Brook who is only 10 but our prize pupil in the class!  The buttons and charms she made turned out so well and she was so good with her color and design choices I think she will be an up and coming polymer artist some day.

It was a full but fun day with lots of activity.  We left more buttons and accessories with Lynn at her store and she now has a wide range of shawl pins and sticks with a snap base and decorative snaps for interchanging.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Interchangeable Shawl Stick Designs Created With a Snap

Our shawl pins are a popular item at the yarn shops where they are sold and sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with making more designs.  It seems as soon as we make a bunch, the stores snatch them up and we don't have many left to list in our Etsy shop or online store.  When we started up our Snap Decisions Collection (Interchangeable Fashion in a Snap!), we came up with an idea of adding a snap base (with clay) to a metal shawl stick so the designs could be interchanged.

Our other shawl pin styles are metal that we cover in clay and after a lot of brain storming (and lack of sleep) I finally figured out how to add a snap base to those as well.  I am quite excited about this.  While the metal sticks work best in knits with a tighter weave, the clay covered sticks are a little thicker, so are a better fit for bulky or loose weave knits.

These shawl sticks work really well with our larger snaps as the snap base is plain (no frame surrounding it).  The snaps can be worn on other similar type snap base accessories and worn as a necklace or even a large chunky ring.

Finally, our third and latest shawl stick design has the clay covered stick and a snap base with a decorative metal frame.  The frame makes the shawl stick more suitable for adding our regular size snaps. 

All of our new shawl sticks with a snap base are available in our online store and some sets we have put together will be in our Etsy shop soon.

They are also available in several yarn shops that sell our work:

Kelowna, BC

Vernon, BC

Salmon Arm, BC

Grand Forks, BC

Kamloops, BC

Kamloops, BC